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I first got started tattooing in 1985 while living in London. 
From a young age, tattooing was of great interest to me, and coming from the docks area of Belfast known as Sailor Town, with hundreds of seamen going about their business, I was amazed at some of their tattoos.
Seeing these got me started on my tattoo collection. I got my first tattoo at about fifteen years old; after the experience of getting my first tattoo, I was hooked.
While serving in the merchant navy as a marine engineer, I traveled to hundreds of ports worldwide, visited some great tattoo shops, met some great artists, had some work done, and had fascinating conversations about their art.
After visiting most places I wanted to see, I left the merchant navy to work ashore and moved to the Isle of Man. When I first started tattooing, it was initially a hobby tattooing friends and family; at first, I was happy doing this, but after a few years, I knew that I had to take it a step further—realizing that doing good tattoo work was not as easy as a professional tattooist makes it look. I knew it would not be easy teaching myself the finer points of applying a good tattoo, but that's what happened. With a strong will to succeed, a keen eye for detail and observation, a lot of sleepless nights, blood, sweat, and tears working out the technical side of things, with encouragement and total support from my lovely wife Sally, everything came together, and we made it happen. We opened our first studio, also called The Spectrum, in Hildesley Road Douglas and then moved to our current location in Broadway Douglas. In that time, I have tattooed tens of thousands of people from all walks of life and all corners of the world and loved every minute of it.
For the last thirteen years, I have also designed and built tattoo coil machines for family and friends; I also have a passion for this side of tattooing and hope to dedicate more time to this in the future.
Best Regards Frank